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TL;DR: OnGameNet (primary host of Korean professional League of Legends events) setting a limit of 1 team per organization is a detriment to the Korean professional League of Legends scene.

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As of the drawings for the group stage released yesterday for the League of Legends Season 4 World Championship, here are the groups:

Group A:
Dark Passage
ahq e-Sports Club
Samsung Galaxy White
Edward Gaming

Group B:
SK Gaming
Star Horn Royal Club
Taipei Assassins
Team SoloMid

Group C:
Samsung Galaxy Blue

Group D:
KaBuM! e-Sports
NaJin White Shield
Cloud 9
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Originally posted on Gentleman Gustaf:

I have one secret to climbing the ladder. Listen to this video.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of all of the people too cool to listen to Taylor Swift, what do I mean by that?

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Originally posted on Gentleman Gustaf:

Between the Zoe Quinn scandal, death threats on Anita Sarkeesian, and the ensuing #GamerGate scandal, it’s been a dramatic week for the gaming community. Watching all the tweets on #GamerGate and #NotYourShield has shown me that people honestly don’t seem to realize that there is a massive difference between indiscriminate, personal, and systemic harassment.

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Just some Riven math.


OGN Champions Spring 2014 Grand Final

Samsung Blue vs NaJin White Shield


3:00 PDT / 6:00 EDT / 12:00 CEST / 19:00 KST



Matchup Analysis

Samsung Blue
Top: Acorn
Jungle: Spirit
Mid: dade
ADC: Deft
Support: Heart

NaJin White Shield
Top: Save
Jungle: Watch
Mid: Ggoong
ADC: Zefa
Support: GorillA

Purely from OGN Champions Spring 2014 performances, both Samsung Blue and NaJin White Shield have shown tremendous improvement since the last Winter season. Samsung Blue’s top (Acorn) and support (Heart) have definitely enabled their team to seize strong victories through their playmaking. In the last few Samsung Blue games throughout Champions and Masters, Blue’s mid laner, dade, has shown that he is just as good as Faker on his best days, despite his inconsistency and past history of going on tilt.

NaJin White Shield had begun by making a name for themselves with late game team comps, but through the last month, they have shown impressive success with a myriad of different team comps, including comps with early aggression and pick comps, something rarely ever seen in any professional level team across all regions. In addition, NaJin’s top laner, Save, has shown that his champion pool isn’t limited to Shyvana and Renekton, but also Kha’Zix and Soraka as well. In their Masters game, Save had also highlighted over Nasus for a considerable amount of time before switching over to Ryze. This may mean nothing, but may also hint that Nasus is a Jax counterpick within Save’s champion pool. NaJin White Shield’s strongest benefit is that during their OGN Masters series against CJ Entus, they essentially didn’t reveal anything that other teams wouldn’t already know. What does White Shield have in the back of their hands for this approaching series?


Contested Picks and Bans

As usual, Jax will likely be banned, as he is incredibly strong in the current teleport top lane meta.
Both team’s Junglers can play Lee Sin well, so it will be a highly contested pick.
Soraka team comps have seen success in OGN Champions and Masters, so she may also be an important ban, especially since her nerfs don’t come until 4.8 and the Grand Finals will be played on 4.7 Patch 4.6.

Samsung Blue may also consider banning:
Nidalee, Leblanc, Shyvana, Kha’Zix

NaJin White Shield may also consider banning:
Kha’Zix, Yasuo, Ryze



Samsung Blue 1:3 NaJin White Shield

If the Grand Finals goes to Game 5, NaJin White Shield will win 3:2.

Not able to get my predictions draft completed, so here’s my rough predictions prior to the matches, which starts in 2 hours. My other draft is still in progress.


Samsung Ozone vs Samsung Blue

Ozone has looked shaky in their last Masters matches with their losses, but I felt it had something to do with being cocky and making poor unusual decisions, like DanDy’s Feral Flare on Lee Sin. Given that they bring their A game, their experience should shine above Samsung Blue, despite Blue’s tremendous improvement. Looper is still one of the strongest top laners in the current KR scene, and I’d give a slight favor towards PawN over dade. Mata is still best support in Korea, in my eyes.

I’m suspecting Lee Sin, Jax, Thresh, and Annie are going to be highly contested picks, if not banned. dade’s Twisted Fate and PawN’s Nidalee and Leblanc are probable target bans. Ozone need to be wary of Spirit’s Kha’Zix and Blue, likewise, for DanDy’s Elise. Ozone has the potential of running a comp around Jinx + Nunu jungle late game.

Prediction: Samsung Ozone 3 – 1 Samsung Blue



CJ Blaze vs NaJin White Shield

This match is going to be fierce. Both teams have really improved and shown fantastic performances so far in the Spring season. As much as I enjoy some of Blaze’s games, White Shield has my prediction this match-up. Ggoong has proven to be a dominant mid laner in the professional Korean scene and his Nidalee is legendary. He has an extremely potent Leblanc and Lulu as well. Save has shown tremendous carry performances on Jax and Rumble and is one of the only top laners to show the ability to beat Flame in lane. Watch has always been a must-watch (pardon that) jungler, and has done well on Lee Sin and Evelynn. Zefa and Gorilla have been their weakest point in the past, but they have had good results bot lane. That said, Flame is arguably the best top laner in Korea, not losing to anyone in lane (except against Save). He also has shown some of the best performances in 1v2 scenarios. DayDream has almost single-handedly set games up for Blaze’s victory in the past with his extremely aggressive playstyle.

Lee Sin, Nidalee, and Lucian are going to be highly contested picks. Jax and Annie are likely going to be banned as well. White Shield will need to have an answer to Flame’s Shyvana and Renekton. Blaze needs to consider the possibility of Ggoong’s Leblanc and Save’s Rumble.

Prediction: CJ Blaze 2 – 3 NaJin White Shield




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