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Not able to get my predictions draft completed, so here’s my rough predictions prior to the matches, which starts in 2 hours. My other draft is still in progress.


Samsung Ozone vs Samsung Blue

Ozone has looked shaky in their last Masters matches with their losses, but I felt it had something to do with being cocky and making poor unusual decisions, like DanDy’s Feral Flare on Lee Sin. Given that they bring their A game, their experience should shine above Samsung Blue, despite Blue’s tremendous improvement. Looper is still one of the strongest top laners in the current KR scene, and I’d give a slight favor towards PawN over dade. Mata is still best support in Korea, in my eyes.

I’m suspecting Lee Sin, Jax, Thresh, and Annie are going to be highly contested picks, if not banned. dade’s Twisted Fate and PawN’s Nidalee and Leblanc are probable target bans. Ozone need to be wary of Spirit’s Kha’Zix and Blue, likewise, for DanDy’s Elise. Ozone has the potential of running a comp around Jinx + Nunu jungle late game.

Prediction: Samsung Ozone 3 – 1 Samsung Blue



CJ Blaze vs NaJin White Shield

This match is going to be fierce. Both teams have really improved and shown fantastic performances so far in the Spring season. As much as I enjoy some of Blaze’s games, White Shield has my prediction this match-up. Ggoong has proven to be a dominant mid laner in the professional Korean scene and his Nidalee is legendary. He has an extremely potent Leblanc and Lulu as well. Save has shown tremendous carry performances on Jax and Rumble and is one of the only top laners to show the ability to beat Flame in lane. Watch has always been a must-watch (pardon that) jungler, and has done well on Lee Sin and Evelynn. Zefa and Gorilla have been their weakest point in the past, but they have had good results bot lane. That said, Flame is arguably the best top laner in Korea, not losing to anyone in lane (except against Save). He also has shown some of the best performances in 1v2 scenarios. DayDream has almost single-handedly set games up for Blaze’s victory in the past with his extremely aggressive playstyle.

Lee Sin, Nidalee, and Lucian are going to be highly contested picks. Jax and Annie are likely going to be banned as well. White Shield will need to have an answer to Flame’s Shyvana and Renekton. Blaze needs to consider the possibility of Ggoong’s Leblanc and Save’s Rumble.

Prediction: CJ Blaze 2 – 3 NaJin White Shield




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It’s been forever since I’ve updated my blog, but I’ve been thinking about resuming it since late January. I have never really figured out what I should resume it with, but now that OGN Spring 2014 Groupstages have concluded, this would be a great opportunity to do so.

[WARNING: A bunch of OGN Champions and Masters spoilers below!]


As such, here are the OGN Spring 2014 Playoff drawings (taken from Leaguepedia.com):



The biggest hyped match coming up in the Ro8 is Samsung Ozone vs SKT T1 K, with quite a bit of a rivalry. Not as big as the former rivalry between SKT T1 K and KT Bullets, but KT Bullets has been looking like a shadow of their former selves. (IEM Katowice hasn’t really proved a single thing, despite KT Bullets sweeping the entire tournament.)


Here are my predictions:

First match: Samsung Ozone vs SKT T1 K

Samsung Ozone has been showing tremendous consistency throughout group stages. On top of that, PawN has proven to be a tremendously good fit for the team, after Ozone and Blue swapped mid laners. Mata, the most popular Support behind MadLife, has been making insanely good plays. Mata and imp (AD Carry) is one of the most fearsome bot lane duos in the Korean LoL scene. Looper (Top) has been looking better and better since OGN Winter 2013-2014. If anything, the man who constantly lands in highlight reels, DanDy (Jungle), is the one who has looking a little shaky throughout the Spring season. He will no doubt bring his A game in the playoffs, though.

Thoughout OGN Champions Spring 2014, SKT T1 K has shown vulnerabilities. On the day that their veteran Support, PoohManDu, came back, he and Bengi (Jungle) played very poorly. The outcome of the match was 2-0 in favor of KT Arrows. Furthermore, despite the victory of SKT T1 K’s revenge victory over KT Arrows in the 1st match, KT Arrows beat them back in the Masters Match in a dominating fashion. Most notably was their legendary Mid laner, Faker, showing vulnerability in miscalculations (an extremely rare occurrence, first time I’ve seen it) and their inability to keep KT Arrows’ ssumday (Top) and KaKAO (Jungle) in check.

Overall, I feel this is Samsung Ozone’s chance to shine and be the second team to become a 2-time OGN Champions champion.

Prediction: Samsung Ozone 3-2 SKT T1 K


Second match: Samsung Blue vs CJ Frost

Samsung Blue has looked somewhat weak in the past, despite PawN’s arrival and the combined impressive performance between PawN and Deft, their AD Carry. This season has been different. dade has proven to be a great shotcaller and playmaker for Blue. However, the biggest stories would have to be Acorn (Top) and Heart (Support) have been playing the best in their careers. Their solid performances in the Spring season allowed for Blue to seize a 1st seed out of their group.

Suffering some terrible losses to the likes of Samsung Ozone who look to be dominating this season, CJ Frost has shown shaky performances, and this has been the case throughout the past several seasons. That said, they did manage to 2-0 both IM#1 and Midas FIO (one of the new teams to OGN) and grab themselves a 2nd seed. CoCo, a star Mid laner, and Swift, a jungler who happens to be a former teammate of CoCo, have been making tremendous plays. Shy (Top) looks as strong as he’s ever been. To be honest, CJ Frost’s biggest weakness is their bot lane duo, Space (AD Carry) and MadLife (Support).

Space and Madlife will probably run into trouble against Deft and Heart, assuming a standard 2v2 lane is played. Despite how strong CoCo (big fan of CoCo since he first joined Xenics Storm) and Shy have been, it won’t be enough to seize control of the game if their bot lane falls too far behind. I’m still not convinced about Swift yet, despite MonteCristo giving him praise on several of his above average performances recently.

Prediction: Samsung Blue 3-1 CJ Frost


Third match: KT Arrows vs CJ Blaze

[explanations later]

I believe Flame will kick ssumday’s ass if a standard 1v1 lane is played, but Flame is also one of the best Top laners when it comes to handling 1v2’s. While Arrow and Hachani have shown good games and Arrow has shown the ability to carry really (freaking) hard, Emperor and Lustboy have been steadily improving since WCG 2013. Pick/ban phase will be incredibly important.

Prediction: KT Arrows 2-3 CJ Blaze


Fourth match: NaJin White Shield vs KT Bullets

[explanations later]

I’m a former KT Bullets fan since the beginning of OGN Summer 2013. I was a fan of Score and Ryu even before then, when KT Rolster B debuted in OGN Champions. That also means I’m incredibly disappointed in them since OGN Winter 2013-2014, and they don’t look much better than that. With NaJin White Shield’s dominating performance across all lanes, they have the advantage going into this.

Prediction: NaJin White Shield 3-1 KT Bullets




Samsung Ozone 3-2 SKT T1 K

Samsung Blue 3-1 CJ Frost

KT Arrows 2-3 CJ Blaze

NaJin White Shield 3-1 KT Bullets


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