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Runes are a rather big aspect of the game for newer players, especially those who have just hit level 20 (access to Tier 3 runes). Runes can give a huge bonus to players right at the start of the game, yielding a significant advantage for players who have runes over those who do not.

While runes are primarily used for getting an early-game edge over opponents, they can also start weak but become even more useful as the game goes on. We see this difference in the form of runes that give you immediate benefit (flat runes) and runes that are initially weak but become stronger the higher level your champion is (scaling runes).

Runes add to another critical decision branch for newer players to make. Should they save their precious IP for a desired champion, or should they save even more to purchase additional runepages and sets of runes to go along with it? To optimize your performance in games, I personally feel it is very important to maintain several additional runepages with runes to complement them, while recommending learning new champions when they hit the free week rotation. Most new players, however, dislike the aspect of only having a week to play a champion they’re interested in, so they prioritize purchasing the champion, delaying runes and runepages. There is no wrong way on how you choose to spend your IP. Just know that in either case, you have to make sacrifices, due to the limited amount of IP you have compared to how much you would have to spend to acquire all the benefits.

Rune Tiers and Runepages

Runes come in Tiers 1, 2, and 3. The higher the tier, the stronger the rune. The only difference currently is the summoner level in which you can obtain them.

Tier 1: Unlocked at level 1+
Tier 2: Unlocked at level 10+
Tier 3: Unlocked at level 20+

In addition, with each level, one of your runepage rune slots unlocks.


The maximum amount of runepages you can have is currently 20.

Types of Runes

Runes can be separated into 4 types:
Quintessences (big purple runes)
Marks (red runes)
Seals (yellow runes)
Glyphs (blue runes)

General Approach to Choosing Runes

Runes are often used to give you an immediate boost in the early game to stay competitive against other players with runes. Most rune choices reflect that, though there are exceptions.

Commonly used runes:
Quintessences: Attack Speed (AS), flat Attack Damage (AD), flat Ability Power (AP)
Marks: flat Attack Damage (AD), Magic Penetration (mpen), Attack Speed (AS)
Seals: flat Armor (armor), scaling HP (HP/lv)
Glyphs: flat Magic Resistance (MR), scaling Magic Resistance (MR/lv), flat Cooldown Reduction (CDR), scaling Cooldown Reduction (CDR/lv), flat Ability Power (AP), scaling Ability Power (AP/lv)

You choose runes based on what you feel would help you out the most. Even pros don’t always agree with each other’s rune choices.

Junglers usually take AS Quints and Armor Seals. Assassins and AD bruisers tend to stock up on a lot of AD. Mages tend to use Magic Penetration Marks, AP Quints, and scaling HP seals. Marksmen often take AS Quints and AD marks.


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